Our work divides into four areas:

• Leadership and Organisational Change
• Personal Development and Growth
• Programmes for Children and Young People
• The Art of Horse Whispering

Leadership and Organisational Change

Step out of the office and into nature to develop leadership and team building skills. Get a fresh perspective on how to move your organisation forward in times of change. Click here to find out more or make a booking...

Personal Development and Growth

Through a gentle process of enquiry, we invite horses to become our teachers for personal development, growth and transformative learning. We offer equine facilitated experiential learning workshops for groups and one-to-one coaching sessions. Click here to find out more or make a booking...

Programmes for Children and Young People
By stepping into the world of the horse, children and young people learn essential life skills that cannot always be learned in the classroom. Example outcomes include reductions in anxiety and stress, increased self esteem, and reduced problem behaviours and hence better social inclusion. We offer programmes and one-to-one sessions. Find out more and book a place here...


The Art of Horse Whispering
Through meeting the horses in ‘their field’, in their culture, participants learn to build connection and explore how to enter a relationship with the horse which is equal, not power over. Suitable for young people of all ages! Adult groups, children and young people groups and family groups. Learn more and book a group session here...


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Adventures with Horses


We offer programmes, group workshops and one-to-one sessions, facilitating learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities engaging with horses can provide.

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  Professional Development and Leadership   Personal Development and Growth   Programmes for Children and Young People   The Art of Horse Whispering  

Watch our short film above to understand more about the work we do.

We started running workshops, programmes and one-to-one sessions in the summer of 2015, and we are already having some great feedback from the people who have experienced equine facilitated learning at Adventures with Horses, read more here...

When you come on our Art of Leadership, Personal Development and Art of Horse Whispering workshops all profits go towards our children and young people programmes.

Please support our social enterprise...

Through the generous support of crowd funding and match funding investors and volunteers on the ground, Adventures with Horses have been able to begin offering programmes for disadvantaged children and young people aged between 9 yrs and 25 yrs the opportunity for growth and learning.


But we need continued support to offer more opportunities and invite you to find out more about how to get involved and support our work.
Find out more about how you can get involved with Adventures with Horses here.

To find out more about our children and young people programmes you can read more here 

You can also go on our emailing list with regular updates on the courses and workshops we are running here:
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