Art of Horse Whispering

Groups and one-to-one sessions for Children & Young People

Step into the world of the horse…

Awareness with Horses offers children and young people the opportunity to learn how to engage with, and understand the language of horses and ponies in a natural environment.


Explore being with horses... learning from horses... and connecting with horses...


We provide a safe natural environment with horses and ponies for children and young people from 9 years upwards. Suitable for those who have had very little to do with horses in the past, or those who have already ridden at a riding school, but never got the opportunity to really engage with a horse or pony on the ground. We do not offer horse riding, but there are some good local riding stables close by. 


We also work with children and young people who are disadvantaged. Further information is on the next page Please click here


What is the Art of Horse Whispering?


In our Art of Horse Whispering sessions children and young people go on an adventure - discovering the world of the horse by participating in the following:


• Observing and interpreting how horses communicate

• Understanding how horses behave naturally in a herd


• Paying attention to how horses learn and perceive things


• Building a rapport, communicating at a distance and close-up


• Grooming and horse husbandry


• Engaging with horses by sharing their environment


• Learning how to lead a horse


• Learning to work with horses at liberty - with no lead rope at all.


How much does it cost?

One-to-one sessions
£45 for one hour, £60 for 90 minutes and £75 for two hours.
Bursaries are also available see below.

Groups of between 2-4 children or young people
Short half day/three and a half hours for 2-4 people £60 per person


Half day four and a half hours for 2-4 children/young people  £75 per person.

Short full day six hours for 2-4 children/young people £90 per person

Larger group options available

Larger groups from £30 per child for 2 hours, please contact us for further information.

Individually booked group or one-to-one session are tailored for the individual/s participating.

Our not-for-profit pricing policy: 
The prices above are our break-even prices, we don't make a profit but we do cover our costs. We also offer discounts and bursaries on these prices to children, young people and adults who have disadvantages and would not otherwise be able to afford to come. We fund this by charging higher range prices to our leadership and business coaching clients, and from donations and funding. As a not-for-profit organisation all profits get reinvested into offering subsidised fees, free places and bursaries - and the care and upkeep of our horses. We can only do this by receiving donations, funding and working with business clients.

To help us raise more funds to give more sessions to people with special needs for as little as £10 per person please see more about how you can donate by clicking here.  


Or click here to book a leadership workshop or business coaching session.


For further information please contact Sue Blagburn on 07831 865259 or email








Our philosophy


On our Art of Horse Whispering workshops and sessions for children and young people we adventure and explore how to enter a relationship with horses which is power with, not power over.


Becoming a horse whisperer takes a life time of being around horses, there are no quick routes, but many of the great horse whisperers' developed their skills at a young age by getting the chance to learn how to connect with horses in nature - and that is the part we will be exploring.


In modern times not that many of us get the chance to grow up around horses and just "be" with them and learn from them. In these workshops and sessions children and young people get the chance to do just that. They learn horse connection in away that is safe, informative and creative. They will not be riding the horses or learning to train or control them, instead, by paying attention to the horses subtle nuances, they will be learning to become their co-creative partners.


We are based in a beautiful natural environment on Dartmoor. The venue is unique in the fact it is not part of a commercial equestrian centre, though it does have good facilities, and is professionally run, it offers a peaceful, quiet, private undisturbed space to be with horses.

Although our Art of Horse Whispering courses are not framed to offer learning or therapy, the horses by their natural biological make-up will be asking us to stay connected, authentic and mindful and this can be very therapeutic.


Our Art of Horse Whispering sessions are also suitable for children and young people with special educational needs - please click here to see information on our Special Programmes for Children and Young People.


Please also find out more about our adult Art of Horse Whispering Workshops by clicking here.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259







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