Preparation Advice and Safety Information


This is Adventures wth Horses preparation advice and safety information to help you know what to bring, wear and expect before coming here for the first time. It also sets some boundaries allowing us to then work in a way that is emergent, creative and experiential…


Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your workshop/adventure day or session. Wear comfortable hard shoes or boots that protect your feet and bring layers and waterproof wear or sun hat, sun glasses and sun cream depending on the season. Wear the sort of clothes you would wear to go on a long country walk. No umbrellas are allowed around the horses. 


There is no horse riding and no previous horse experience is necessary, the process is about connecting and building a relationship with the horses, with your feet firmly on the ground! We will coach and facilitate you to engage with the horses, they then become your teachers where we learn with them about ourselves, and our relationship with others and the world at large. We do this in the field of experiential learning and phenomenological enquiry.


By developing mindfulness and presence participants naturally learn to work with and build a relationship with the horses as sentient beings based on power with - not power over.


You will only engage with the horses in away that feels comfortable and suits your needs. Even people who in the past have been frightened of horses benefit.


Our horses are accustomed to interacting with humans in a positive way from a young age, their training has been based on their innate needs to feel safe around humans and the environment as a whole. They are therefore confident, open minded, trusting and generally interested in the people that come here and engage with them.


In order to give clear feed-back our horses have never been over trained or used as tools. They live as naturally as possible in their own horse-world, where behaviour of the herd including play is accepted and encouraged. During your time here you will be taught to be with them in away that is safe by becoming aware of their natural reactions, as non-predators herd animals. 

Horses are the powerful utterly extraordinary bonus in their capacity to teach and heal within the field of experimental learning and systemic coaching. Within this Adventures with Horses maintains a balance as all times between the well being of the horses as a priority, safety of the whole group as a priority and the well being of the participants, facilitators and assistants as a priority.


Each workshop and session starts with a safety agreement "My name is ........... and I agree to be responsible for myself today, and thus, contribute to the safety of the group." This safety agreement was developed back in the 1980s by Barbara Rector one of the founders of Equine Facilitated Learning.

To make the most a workshop or session it is important to pay attention, in the present moment, to the full process, not just when working with the horses, but all the time, by doing so we learn much more from each other and the horses. There will also be plenty of time to relax and chat, but not during the sessions please!


Please also switch your mobile phone off during a workshop or session. No eating snacks or smoking is allowed whilst working with or being around the horses, and please do not feed the horses.


Please let us know in advance if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication. Please also note it is not possible to work with the horses if you have recently consumed high quantities of alcohol or other substances that render you incapable of staying in the present moment.


Much of the venue is quite hilly and uneven, with quite a steep slope down to the arena, so sadly unsuitable for less mobile visitors unless supported by a professional carer or family members. In these cases please come and risk assess in advance.


Health & Safety

All facilitators and horse assistants at Adventures with Horses are experienced and qualified working with people, and working with horses around people. Health and safety is paramount to the continued success of Adventures with Horses, to ensure that we meet, and strive to exceed standards we: • Hold Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance of £6 million; • Hold an up to date health and safety policy • Assess risks and goals prior to commencement; • Ensure that facilitators, assistants and volunteers hold up to date DBS checks; • Guarantee that a professional member of staff with a First Aid Certificate and a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate is present at all times. 


Qualifications and Codes of Conduct

At Adventures with Horses we are professionally qualified counsellors, coaches and facilitators, and professionally qualified to work with horses and with people around horses. We work with various models including the EAGALA model and are committed to upholding their code of ethics and standards. As counsellors and therapists we abide by the BACP ethical framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy.


We are keen to discuss any aspect of your workshop, programme or one-to-one session in advance, please contact us for help and furthur information by clicking here

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