Awareness with Horses offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities horses can provide through equine assisted interventions. This helps in developing self awareness and well-being, and potential and skills which transfer forwards into peoples everyday lives.



In a session or workshop what kind of activities will I/we be doing with the horses?


Participants are guided on how to connect with the horses on the ground in a safe space. This can include forming a relationship with one or more of the horses, reflecting with, or becoming in rythm with a horse, from simple mindfulness exercises (being), to learning to lead the horse with and then without a rope (doing).


Then whilst being professionally facilitated and/or coached, or as part of a counselling session, clients engage in experiential and/or experimental activities, and working with metaphor with what is happening in the present moment - which is guided by the horses. This can help bring about awareness and insights that you can take forward into your everyday lives.


So what would I/we be working on?


We are all unique and each of us may need to work on something different, depending on the type of session or workshop. You may already have set an intent on what you would like to work on, or you may need to just hang out with a horse therapeutically without any goal, but here is a guide to the areas you could work on:

•    Practice leadership, communication and presence
•    Develop emotional intelligence
•    Building self confidence and self esteem
•    Reduce anxiety and stress
•    Simply become more present and aware
•    Learn to form healthy relationships
•    Develop trust, empathy and responsibility
•    Explore ways of inspiring and motivating others
•    Influence people without being over dominant
•    Become more resilient in times of change

•    Reflect on challenges and develop insights 


What Participants Say...


"The day working with Sue, William, Arthur and Harry was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It took me deep into a spacious heart."


"I found the session profoundly moving. What you proposed opened a whole new world for me in terms of how we relate to animals. I loved it because it de-intellectualised relationships into real experience."


"The connection our daughter made with the horses has been amazing; I’ve watched her gradually come out of her shell and re-engage with herself and the world. At the end of one session my daughter said ‘ I love it here Mum, I can just be and forget my worries’."


“Thank you so much for a unique experience, and for a total break from stress, plus a few insights into how we allow modern life to herd us along when we shouldn’t. No doubt I’ll be back. Thoroughly recommended."
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How much does it cost?

One-to-one sessions
£45 for one hour, £60 for 90 minutes and £75 for two hours.
Bursaries are also available see below.

Also please note:
For equine assisted counselling and coaching the first introductory session is free until November 2019.
Plus in July and August 2019 we are also offering 4 people the opportunity to have 6 x free one and a half hour equine assisted counselling sessions click here for further details

Groups of between 2-4 people
Short half day/three and a half hours for 2-4 people £60 per person


Half day four and a half hours for 2-4 people  £75 per person.

Short full day six hours for 2-4 people £90 per person


Full day seven and a half hours for 2-4 people £105 per person


Larger group options available

Larger groups from £30 per person for 2 hours, please contact us for further information.


Please also click here to see our open workshops on our events and demos page.


Or you can also organise your own group, or contact Adventures with Horses to check if there are any one day open workshops scheduled to run.

Individually booked group or one-to-one session are tailored for the individual/s participating.


With our one-to-one sessions you can choose whether you would like to just work in equine facilitated experiential learning, or with the addition of coaching or counselling.

Our not-for-profit pricing policy: 
The prices above are our break-even prices, we don't make a profit but we do cover our costs. We also offer discounts and bursaries on these prices to children, young people and adults who have disadvantages and would not otherwise be able to afford to come. We fund this by charging higher range prices to our leadership and business coaching clients, and from donations and funding. As a not-for-profit organisation all profits get reinvested into offering subsidised fees, free places and bursaries - and the care and upkeep of our horses. We can only do this by receiving donations, funding and working with business clients.

To help us raise more funds to give more sessions to people with special needs for as little as £10 per person please see more about how you can donate by clicking here.


Or click here to book a leadership workshop or business coaching session.


For further information please contact Sue Blagburn on 07831 865259 or email address



















The photographs above show some examples of the kind of things adults do during our Leadership and Team Building workshops or courses; or our equine facilitated experiential learning and coaching for personal development and growth workshops or sessions.















The photographs above show some examples of the kind of things children and young people do on our equine facilitated experiential learning Programmes and one-to-one sessions and our Art of Horse Whispering for Children and Young People



What to expect when participating in an equine facilitated experiential learning session


When you come to a group or one-to-one session at Awareness with Horses, we will first explore what you wish to address in your life. We will then design activities to assist you in meeting those goals in creative new ways.


For example, you may learn experientially how to connect with the horses, how to lead, and how to work with the horse at liberty. You may learn how horses communicate, and enter into a field of herd mindfulness and reflection. You may lead a horse through a series of obstacles first individually and then as a group, as a way to explore dealing with your own life obstacles.

During a workshop or session we enter a field of no wrong or right doing, a completely non-judgemental space for self-development and reflection, where we create an environment of safety, trust, confidentiality and openness for learning and growth through the opportunities that natural occur by engaging and working with horses.


Equine guided learning and growth encourages self mastery through connecting with the power and wisdom of horses, it is not about gaining power over the horses, or learning to train or control a horse.


No previous experience with horses is necessary. Many of our participants have not even handled a horse before. Safety and sensitivity for both the horses and the humans is always paramount.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259


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