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Arthur was born in May 2004 and was bred by Sue, as was his mother. He is a 15.2hh bay Thoroughbred gelding with a beautiful big heart. He is very loving and caring, and is super vigilant at paying attention to everything that's going on and supporting the needs of the rest of the herd. He particularly enjoys doing liberty work with particpants and likes the official title of Head of Horse and Human Resources.








William was born in March 2004 and he came to Sue at 6 months old. He is a 14.2hh registered New Forest bay roan gelding who spent most of the first six months of his life roaming wild on the New Forest. He is a born leader and takes pleasure in teaching his adult clients the Art of Leadership, in a way that is mindful and co-creative - teaching us to have courage in a way that is strong on the outside and soft on the inside. He likes teaching young people to be grounded and calm, plus he particularly likes being groomed. He is an incredible teacher to everyone who works with him. He likes the official title of Head Teacher and Leadership Coach.





Harry was born in May 2005 and came to Sue at 6 months old. He is a 14.1hh bay roan New Forest gelding with a fun loving attitude to life. He really enjoys working with people doing activities such as obstacle work and playing football. He loves young people and likes encouraging everyone to have fun. He also loves working with adults and encouraging them to have fun! He also likes to get involved in the art therapy and loves being drawn! He keeps everyone creative and like the official title of Head of Creative Coaching






Honey was born in June 2013, and is the newest member of the herd, she is a bay 13.2hh New Forest pony. William Harry and Honey are all related, they are all second cousins!  She became part of the team in August 2017. Although then only 4 years old she quickly took up the role of lead mare. She offers clients the most wonderful mare wisdom, and feminine energy. She has a natural love of people and the most gentle, calm nature. She loves being groomed and simply hanging out with people.














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