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WHAT’S in a name?


Quite a lot actually, which is why we have decided on a name change to more accurately reflect the nature of our social enterprise. We are changing our name from Adventures with Horses to Awareness with Horses.

Awareness with Horses describes what we do much better, we facilitate groups and one to one sessions in learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities horses can provide, in order to create self awareness and well-being, and develop potential and skills which transfer forwards into peoples everyday lives.

Sue Blagburn, Founder and Managing Director explains why: "Adventures with Horses was born rather quickly in June 2014 - I wasn't really planning to start quite so soon but I was given the opportunity of renting 9 beautiful acres and some lovely old farm buildings on Dartmoor just above Holne near Ashburton - on hindsight Awareness with Horses would have always been a much better name."

"Equine facilitated or assisted learning and therapy is still a relatively new intervention. It involves participants working with the horses on the ground but with no riding, A major drawback of the name “Adventures with Horses” was that it created a misconception that people would be participating in horse riding or some kind of natural horsemanship training.

Sue added: “We don’t do anything like that. Obviously, to run a business like this we need to be very experienced and knowledgeable about horses, but our clients do not. We work as facilitators, coaches and counsellors and our clients – who include people of all ages - learn experientially and experimentally from the horses, which act as the guides and teachers.”

Our website will still be at for a few weeks but by the end of May 2019 a new website will be born


Contact Sue Blagburn for more information or to book a session or a course/workshop

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