Leadership and Team Building Workshops


Experience clear, intentional embodied leadership and teamwork in partnership with horses. Explore strategies for responding to uncertainty, conflict and the unexpected.


Opening doorways to a style of leadership based on authenticity, empathy, co-creation and insight


The presupposition is that each person is an expert on themselves, we simply hold the space for participants to access their true selves, discovering and/or rediscovering that we all have the resources we need to be our own inner and outer leaders and our own style of leading, team building and inspiring others.

It is not possible to make a mistake, the idea is to relinquish being wrong or write to discover the freedom to be authentic. How much you challenge yourself is your choice, but by stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting your instincts, intuition and the process of what working with the horses is teaching you about yourself and the others in your team can be enriching.



Getting out of the boardroom and into nature


Horses ask us to pay attention and stay connected with the present moment, focusing on an intent without judging, assessing or questioning whether we are doing it right or wrong. We have to make choices and decisions all the time, so do horses, so do all animals and other than human life, but ‘when the wind changes and it’s about to pour with rain,’ or danger approaches, horses don’t stick around having boardroom meetings, they move fast to new pastures. As nomadic, non-predatory beings horses radiate immense trust in the universe, once any danger has past they simply go back to a relaxed sense of being. See The Power of the Herd and Developing Leadership Qualities.

By their very nature interacting with them helps us let go of what we know in order to open up to what we don’t know. This becomes the ground from which we can develop new ways of seeing, and new pathways in a balance between thinking, intuition, embodied knowing and emotional intelligence. See Experiential learning with reference to developing our body awareness, intuition and creativity and the four ways of knowing.

When we are authentic we develop natural presence for courageous leadership as opposed to the old paradigm of positional authority and control, and learn to think from a less linear perspective. Through working with horses we become part of the environment, with the opportunity to relearn how to trust our feelings, our hearts and our sensate responses, and gut feelings. Team work with the horse helps shift our intention towards what is naturally good in self and others and an understanding of how our differences are important assets to a team. Also see What Horses can Teach Us.


Experiential learning with horses can help you embody a leadership style which is right for you and your organisation


What happens in a workshop


We create a learning environment which is participative and experiential. We all learn from each other and the horses the wisdom of experience. Everyone contributes. Everyone learns.

All participants are supported to develop a compelling question regarding their own practice as Leaders, Managers and Change Agents; and then to actively explore that question through their participation with the horses in creative inquiry and investigation. We start with participants embodied experiences, inviting them with the help of the horses to trust different ways of knowing, beyond the rational. We encourage individuals to develop their capability as reflective practitioners while learning to trust the creative flow of the field/context.

People often attend wonderful leadership, organisational and personal development workshops, then go back to their workplace and discover that nothing has changed. The key to learning through working with horses is their gift of teaching us body awareness while giving honest non-judgemental feed back as we experience our leadership styles and strategies, through engaging with them.

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