Leadership Workshops and Courses


Get out of the office and into nature to experience clear, embodied leadership…


What can you expect to gain?

• Experience how to authentically step into a co-creative leadership style that is right for you.
• Practice and embody presence and authenticity, know when you have it from the accurate non-judgemental feed back the horses give.
• Experience being in a place of power with, rather than power over, or no power at all, in the different leadership positions and situations you find yourself in.
• Understand the leadership style that really works for you, this is not role-play, and you won't be mimicking  some generic leadership approach.
• Leave with a clear vision on how to lead effectively.


Booking Options:


  • One to three day courses or three to six half days, for groups.

  • This can also be a course where we explore Leardership, sustainable development and well-being.



All our workshops and programmes are bespoke, we can design the right workshop or programme to suit your needs and your budget.


Example Prices:

One day workshop for 8 people - £150.00 per person - Total for Group: £1200

Three day programme (or 6 half days) for 6 people - £450.00 per person for all 3 days - Total for Group £2700

One-to-one sessions: £75 for one and a half hours, £90 for two hours.


Location and group sizes:

We can run these courses at our farm on Dartmoor and from 2018 if it suits you better from indoor facilites closure to Plymouth, Exeter, London and other places.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259 or 01364 631444

Email: adventureswithhorses@btconnect.com
















“I think a major act of leadership right now, call it a radical act, is to create the places and processes so people can actually learn together, using our experiences”

Margaret J. Wheatley

Gain co-creative insights into what kind of leader you need to be in the 21st century...


What happens in a Leadership workshop?

We create an environment which is participative and experiential. We all learn from each other and the horses. Everyone contributes. Everyone learns.
During the workshop the horses become our insightful guides through a personal and professional development journey, providing a foundational space and grounded experience to cultivate courageous leadership beyond ego-imposed limitations in these times of changes and uncertainty. 


In addition learning how horses interact with each other as a living system in a herd can provide insights into improving relationships within teams, including how to motivate, handle conflict, differences of opinion, and move forward with the intent of the whole organisation knowing where they are going, even in times of uncertainty.




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