Equine Assisted Business Coaching


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What can you expect to gain that you wouldn't gain from traditional business coaching?

  • Awareness of how to get from where you are to where you want to be from an environment away from stuck habits that you may not otherwise notice

  • As both technology and our lives get faster and faster often we never have time to even stop and step out to see the wood for the trees

  • Get non judgemental feedback from other than human beings on your plans to move forward with an idea or a vision.


Equine Assisted Business Coaching


Equine assisted coaching offers a combination of professional business coaching or mentoring and equine facilitated experiential learning where we focus on moving forward in your professional and/or personal life. You start off and end as you would in a normal coaching session with somewhere between 60% and 80% of the time engaging with the horses.


Sessions last for 90 minutes, and on your first coaching session we start by discussing and mutually agreeing how you would like to work and how many sessions you would like to achieve your objectives. We offer the first session free so you can make sure being coached assisted with horses is right for you. 


How much does it cost?


One-to-one coaching sessions lasting one and a half hours:
Financed by an organisation employing more than 50 emloyees £115 per session

Financed by an organisation employing between 5-50 employees £95.00

Financed by an organisation emplying less than 5 employess £75.00

* Self financed: £60.00


* Special Offer

From now until autumn 2019 we are also offering a free introductory taster session on all individually financed coaching, social enterprises or charities.



















“There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them”

Tom Krause


During a coaching session the horses become our insightful guides through a personal and professional development journey, providing a foundational space and grounded experience to cultivate courageous ways of moving forward beyond ego-imposed limitations, particularily in times of changes and uncertainty.  


Please note: We are a Social Enterprise which means all profits we make running our leadership and team building workshops and business coaching one-to-one or group sessions will get reinvested into Awareness with Horses CIC to enable us to offer affordable, subsidised learn & therapy one-to-one and group sessions to disadvantaged people who can’t afford to pay what it really costs to deliver. So if you come and work with us, not only are you making an investment in your organisation, you are also helping finance our young people programmes for disadvantaged people.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259

Email: adventureswithhorses@btconnect.com 




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