Evolve as a leader to a place of power with - rather than power over


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Bringing new ways of learning, adapting and evolving as leaders and organisations into the field of experiential learning with horses


During the evening we will be demonstrating how working experientially with horses can help leaders and managers individually and collectively stay resilient and even flourish in time of change.


This will include exploring new methods and modes of organisational learning, leadership development and co-creative team building, including giving participants the opportunity to experience working experientially with the horses first around building presence and connection, and then moving into working with the self organisation principles of living systems and chaos theory.


Half way through the evening there will be a break with a chance to partcipate in Networking Nays” an inspirational and refreshing way of networking, and a chance to meet and share ideas with like minded people. Refreshments will also be served during the networking.


21st Century Horse Power getting individuals and organisations from where they are to where they need to be...

We will explore some of the theory behind new methods and modes of organisational learning, leadership development and co-creative team building including: Complexity, Living Systems, Chaos Theory and Theory U Presencing. Plus the latest science and ethological research on eco-intelligence and swarm theory, turning the latter into “horse herd theory.”


We then take these new theories of learning, adapting and evolving as leaders and organisations into the field of Experiential Leadership with Horses, experiencing first hand how equine experiential learning may be able to help teach us to cope better in a complex world.

About the presenter...


Sue Blagburn is the founder, facilitator and director ofAdventures with Horses CIC, she is also a highly creative, emergent and systemic coach. In collaboration with Emma, Sue's focus is to bring equine facilitated experiential learning to organisations and individuals looking at ecological, sustainable ways of leading. Bringing theory U, complexity, chaos theory, living systems, eco-intelligence and gestalt exercises and philosophies into the field or arena with horses. She says “Horses allow us the opportunity to embody the experience of inner knowing, presencing, social innovation and mindfulness; plus they can help us understand what it is to lead from a place of power with - rather than power over.”















“I think a major act of leadership right now, call it a radical act, is to create the places and processes so people can actually learn together, using our experiences”

Margaret J. Wheatley

"Returning our senses to our social herd-like nature is not a sign of weakness, but a place to gain personal responsibility through wisdom and courage. As we gain wisdom we increase our ability to become conscious co-creators for ourselves, each other and all of life. In this way, working on our leadership presence with horses provides a rich opportunity to refine our natural leadership qualities. We deconstruct our rationality constrained ideas of leadership and learn that everyone has leadership capabilities and responsibilities." 
Giles Hutchins 


Giles Hutchins is a speaker, author, strategist and coach.
He is the author of Future Fit, The Illusion of Separation and The Nature of Business

See more on his website here "Natural, courageous leadership - learning with horses"


For more information about booking please contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259

Email: adventureswithhorses@btconnect.com




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