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Adventures with Horses offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic opportunities connecting, engaging and working with horses can provide, through Equine Facilitated Learning.


The conventional way of thinking is that humans have something to teach horses. We turn this on its head and focus instead on what horses can teach us about ourselves, others and the world at large. By their natural biological make-up horses have a lot they can show us, and through this experiential coaching model help us unlock potential, and move forward with what has meaning and harmony in our lives.


Horses pick up on our body language and respond with incredible accuracy to how we are in the present moment. Whether working as a group or one-to-one, we explore the wisdom of horses in a safe non-judgmental space for self-development and reflection.

The benefits of working with horses in this way includes:

• Becoming more aware of our body language

• Shifting our perspectives and thereby discovering different approaches to achieving our goals

• Gaining greater self awareness, calmness and focus

• Building rapport, empathy and trust.


Our approach

Adventures with Horses believes that every person is the expert on themselves. We simply hold a safe space of trust and confidentiality,  and allow the horses to do the work. By their very nature, horses provide honest and non-judgmental feedback. This will allow you to learn more about yourself and how you can transform who you are being and what you are doing.

“Horses have been transporting us on outer journeys for thousands of years. In the 21st century, equine facilitated learning is a profound new way of horses 
transporting us on inner journeys from where we are to where we need to be.”


Who can benefit


Anyone can benefit from equine facilitated learning. All that is required is a willingness to engage and “listen” to the feedback that the horses provide. Safety and sensitivity for humans and horses is paramount in everything we do.

Ways of coming and working experientially with the horses at Adventures with Horses.
• Come on an open introductory group workshop.
• Come on a one to one coaching session
For further details please contact us...


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