Introduction days and evening demonstrations


From June 2019 we will be running some introduction day workshops and evening demonstrations. Dates will to be anounced soon on this website, social media or in our next newsletter. To recieve our newsletters please click here


What are the benefits of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning?


  • Become more aware of how our body language and inner thoughts can affect our outer ways of both being and doing

  • Discover different approaches to achieving goals including working with developing presence and emotional intelligence

  • Gain greater self awareness, calmness, focus and mindfulness to improve wellbeing

  • Develop horsemanship skills through self-mastery rather than mastery over the horse!

  • Practise building relationships which are power with, not power over

Equine facilitated experiential learning can help to bring about calmness, presence, clarity, an "aha" moment and/or a feeling of well-being.  Working experientially and phenomenologically with the horses we can look at goals or challenges, or simply focus on the naturally occurring learning and therapeutic opportunities they can provide  in the present moment. The learning is in the experience and the non-judgemental feedback the horses will give as we explore how to enter a relationship with them which is power with, not power over.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259 or 01364 631444














"The conventional way of thinking is that humans have something to teach horses. We turn this on its head and focus instead on what horses can teach us about ourselves, others and the world at large.


By their natural biological make-up horses have a lot they can show us, and through equine assisted learning and/or coaching or counselling, can help us unlock our true potential, and move forward with what has meaning and harmony in our lives."






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