Well-being at Work


Workshops and one-to-one sessions specifically designed for individuals and groups actively looking at ways of tackling the growing problems of work related stress, anxiety and burn-out.

They aim to: • Build emotional intelligence and resilience • Increase embodiment, mindfulness and presence

• Explore ways that help reduce the work related pressures and challenges many of us struggle with at times, therefore improving well-being. 


How can experiential learning with horses help humans to thrive in the workplace?


We work experientially with the horses to explore and experience how to work with them in away that is good for you and good for them. Due to their natural biological need to feel safe around us, and working with a process of enquiry, metaphor and phenomenological exercises the horses teach and encourage us how to show up in away that encourages well-being...


This includes:


Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-awareness

  • social awareness and empathy

  • Tools for managing relationships successfully

  • Respect for and healthy use of boundaries



  • Emotional self-regulation through the breath

  • Feeling grounded

  • Being present to physiological emotional responses

  • Being aware of body language and non-verbal

  • Body language

  • Recognising and caring for the body's needs



  • Being awake to what is in front of and around us here and now

  • The capacity for playfulness and improvisation

  • Ability to stop, reflect and respond rather than react

  • Knowing how to come back to stillness and presence when aroused or distracted


Horses will constantly invite us and require us to be present, authentic, aware of our emotions and our surroundings, and connected to our breath and bodies.


When we do this, they will give us instant feedback and reward, thereby acting as a constant barometer to reflect back our levels of emotional intelligence, embodiment and presence helping us to cultivate and deepen these capacities


Suitable for both employed and self employed people.

Plus if you run a business of more than 5 people please click here to view our Well-being in the Workplace workshops and programmes


We will be offering the following...

  • One, two or three day courses or workshops for groups of up to 6 people

  • Evening 6 week courses

  • Half day workshop for 2-3 people

  • One-to-one sessions


One-to-one:  £60 for 90 mins /  £75 for 2 hours
Groups:  from £95 per person, per day (up to 6 people)./ half day workshop (3 hours) for 2-3 people £75 per person.

You will be able to arrange your own group or contact Adventures with Horses to check if there are any one day open workshops scheduled to run.


For more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259 or 01364 631444

Email: adventureswithhorses@btconnect.com 

Or make an enquiry through our contact form
















These workshop are presently being designed and will be launched in the spring of 2018


If you have found your way to this page, you probably don't need us to tell you that work-related stress, anxiety and mental health is a problem in our society. For all of us as individuals, gathering the skills and support we need to thrive in the workplace is of paramount importance.  


The health of any living system depends on the well-being of the individuals that make up that system. It is becoming increasingly clear that our businesses and organisations are no different and that if one member of a team is struggling then the productivity and harmony of the whole can also suffer.


The recent government report Thriving at Work is full of solid facts and statistics that make a solid rational case for businesses investing in the wellbeing and mental health of their employees.


Please contact us if you would like to take part in one of our well-being at work one day pilot workshops

Or for more information contact Sue Blagburn

Phone 07831 865259 or 01364 631444

Email: adventureswithhorses@btconnect.com 

Or make an enquiry through our contact form




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