Interactive Talk and Demonstration


Leading from a place of power with - rather than power over...

Leadership and Team Building with Horses...

An Interactive Talk and Demonstration with Emma Taylor of the Leadership Whisperers and Sue Blagburn of Adventures with Horses


6-9pm, Monday 24th September

Venue: Erme Valley Riding for the Disabled, The Brook, Nr. Ivybridge, Devon PL21 0HG


21st Century Horse Power getting individuals and organisations from where they are to where they need to be.

During the evening we will explore Agile Leadership, Systems Thinking, Complexity, Chaos Theory, Mindfulness and Presencing. Taking new ways of learning, adapting and evolving as leaders and organisations into the field of Experiential Leadership with Horses.

This lecture and interactive demonstration will include giving participants the opportunity to work experientially with the horses first around building presence and connection, and then moving into working with the self organisation principles of living systems and chaos theory.


Half way through the evening Emma will present “ Networking Nays” an inspirational and refreshing way of networking, and a chance to meet and share ideas with like minded people. Refreshments will also be served during the networking.


Sue Blagburn is the founder and director of Adventures with Horses, her focus is to bring equine facilitated experiential learning to organisations and individuals looking at ecological, sustainable ways of leading and building teams. She say's “Horses allow us the opportunity to embody the experience of inner knowing, presencing and social innovation, helping us understand what it is to lead from a place of power with - rather than power over.”

Emma Taylor is the founder and director of the Leadership Whisperers. Her work is driven by her belief in people and their potential. Emma says. “ I believe we all want to live and work in harmony and we need more dialogue and relational skills to learn how to work through our differences.”  She brings her extensive business knowledge into her equine assisted leadership work.


















“Horses have been transporting us on outer journeys for thousands of years. In the 21st century, equine facilitated experiential learning is a profound new way of horses 
transporting us on inner journeys from where we are to where we need to be.” Sue Blagburn


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“I think a major act of leadership right now, call it a radical act, is to create the places and processes so people can actually learn together, using our experiences”

Margaret J. Wheatley





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